In order to achieve the town's goal of reducing deer density levels to
10-12 deer per square mile we need your help.  Since 65% of the
land in Redding is privately owned, it is the understanding and
support of our residents for this effort that will make the difference
between success in a 5 year period or failure. The town's existing 3
year-old program to control deer on town land needs help from
private landowners in order to achieve a reduction in the deer herd.
If, as a community, we fail it means continuing misery for many
families and individuals who acquire one or more of the 3 primary
tick diseases.

Our approach is intended to be interactive  between landowners
and the hunters they permit on their land.  Through the timely use
of both voice and electronic communication this program will be
more effective and at the same time more sensitive to the needs of

Our town has a rich history of uniting for the common good around
a great cause.  This is an opportunity to demonstrate to our
children that when people work for a common cause without
focusing on self interests we can achieve what other towns have
successfully achieved and make Redding safe for all its residents.
Deer Reduction

The only viable means of deer reduction is through hunting deer.
 The most economical method of harvesting deer is through
voluntary participation of local hunters that act in a responsible
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Please contact us using the form below  to arrange a convenient
time for one of us to meet with you to discuss deer removal on
your property.  Our goal is that all hunters that participate in this
program will agree to help solve the community wide problem in a
safe, responsive and sensitive manner.
Be Safe Redding
This site is maintained by residents of Redding CT who understand that
deer reduction is necessary and that it has been dramatically successful in
other communities in reducing the number of ticks, the cases of Lyme and
other tick related diseases, for the restoration of the understory of our
forests and for the reduction of vehicle accidents.
This wreck occurred in
Newtown, CT on 7-9-2009 as a
result of the driver swerving to
avoid hitting two deer.
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